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As a full-service finishing company, A & DS provides a variety of solutions to help you improve your home to create the living environment you desire.

Drywall Services

Studding Building either exterior or interior walls for your home

Insulation A blanket for your walls to keep heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer saving you money while increasing your comfort. Our spray foam insulation is healthy, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient.

Drywall Installation/Repair Our drywall repair process ensures clean, smooth, feathered edges, for a great coat of paint and a seamless finish. Just leave it to us.

Taping/Plastering Finishing your walls with a layer of plaster to prepare it for painting


Inside or outside, we have you covered. Work areas are prepared and covered before we begin, ensuring protection of your property. Surfaces are stripped, repaired, cleaned, and primed if necessary, and we pride ourselves on maintaining a clean and tidy work environment. We understand that your house is your home.

We use high-quality paints, and we don't cut any corners. Color matching and paint-selection services are also available.

Ceiling Tile

For a great way to cover unattractive ceilings, adding ceiling tiles to any room can completely enhance the décor. An elegant ceiling is the perfect finishing touch for any room.

First, we measure and mark the surface according to blueprints and drawings. Then, we nail or screw moldings to the wall to support and seal the joint between the ceiling tile and the wall. Finally, we mount the tile, either by applying a cement adhesive to the back of the tile and then pressing the tile into place, or by nailing, screwing, stapling, or wire-tying the lath directly to the structural framework.

Floor Tile

Easy-to-clean floor tile will look great and will stand up to the constant traffic in this busy kitchen. During the process of installation it is essential that the surface is kept absolutely clean at all times else the quality of the setting be diminished.

Ceramic tile is fashion-conscious, offering a large assortment of coordinating floor and wall tile looks, exciting colour and application choices.

Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring adds durability as well as elegance to this room. Even in the event of high wear and damage your hardwood can usually be repaired or refinished.

Wood flooring is one of the original floor materials. Hardwood flooring is considered a long-term purchase and once installed, rarely ever gets replaced or changed.


We deal with a variety of high-quality window manufacturers, which allows us to offer you a wide choice of window cladding – wood, aluminium or vinyl. We protect your premises inside and out during the removal of your old windows and the installation of your new units. Installation is performed by our experienced master carpenters, so that the windows fit and operate perfectly. We maintain a daily cleanup and remove all debris.


The traditional look of a solid wood door adds charm and warmth to the appearance of any home.

Your front door is the focus of your entire home and is what passersby notice and visitors approach. You can make your home more appealing just by upgrading your door and keeping it in top shape.

We protect your home inside and outside during the installation of your door. We replace the framework and sill as required and all work is performed by Belvedere’s staff of expert carpenters. We can improve the quality of your entrance by upgrading your sill from wood to stone or marble and any material of your choice.

Brass kick plates, shutters, wood molding or a stone header, as shown on the home above right, can make a big difference.


We work with you on all the details of your finished carpentry needs, including the selection of materials, the design and the final working plan. We commence only on your final approval.

We have the craftsmen, the materials and the specialized tools necessary to meet all of your finish carpentry needs, interior or exterior, minor or major.Our master carpenters are capable of performing any task required, from trimming a window to restoring a period home.

We normally manufacture custom built-in cabinetry off site in order to minimize disruption to the client. We work with you on all the details of your finished carpentry needs, including the selection of materials, the design and the final working plan. We commence only on your final approval.


A neglected roof can be a serious problem, leading to deterioration of the substructure, your insulation or your wiring. A new A & DS sloped roof comes with a minimum guarantee of 25 years. In many homes, moisture has led to damage even before a leak becomes obvious. A & DS has experience with all types of roofing projects, from re-roofing a bungalow to complex jobs such as this Forest Hill home.

We clean up carefully, including a magnetic sweep to ensure nails are not left behind, and remove all debris.


A & DS specializes in the restoration, beautification and preservation of new and existing concrete substrates. Our decorative concrete processes include, but are not limited to, concrete polishing, concrete dyeing, acid stains, (thin film, high build, trowel down) epoxy and urethane systems, cementitious based over/underlayments, concrete sealers, and cementitious micro toppings.

Hard Landscaping

Your property is not just a 'backyard' or 'front yard'; it's where you live. Why not decorate your property just like you would decorate the rooms in your home? We believe that outdoor garden architecture is like a living painting- it's three-dimensional and should naturally compliment the architectual integrity of a structure. We specialize in two areas: custom design and construction of home landscapes, including hard surfaces--patios, driveways, walkways--including pool design, night-lighting, decks, fences, and expert plant selection and arrangement. We can design and build any style of landscape to meet you're needs and compliment your home. We provide a guarantee on labour and materials. Our portfolio clearly illustrates our experience and ability to meet a wide variety of consumer tastes.

From conception, to construction, to completion, see how the professionals at A & DS can help you create the outdoor environment you’ve dreamed of owning.


Stucco siding can often be repaired, and when repainted it will look like the whole wall has been newly applied. We are also experienced in the installation of Aluminum or Vinyl siding. Stucco is repaired using galvanized metal lath and finished with a texture to match the house.


We are one of the province's leading contractors, specializing in the application of exterior architectural finish systems. Cover up bland building materials like cement slabs with our quality stucco or plaster service.

Repairing historic plaster requires a careful touch and attention to detail. Trust a company that has more than 40 years of experience in the industry to preserve your historic building.


We now offer assembly and construction of pre-engineered – pre-fabricated steel buildings to accommodate countless needs. (Incomplete)


A & DS installs and designs custom stone work with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. We have worked on all types of stone, brick, block and stucco work and can help you build your commercial building or take care of making your residential property more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for you. From building construction to custom stone designed interiors, we can take care of all of your masonry needs throughout Southern Ontario.

Although, we can take care of any stone, brick, block or stucco project you need, we mostly work on custom residential stone projects.
Interior Stone Walls, Exterior Stone Walls, Custom Chimneys and Fireplaces, Outdoor Living Spaces, Custom Built Homes.


Aluminum or vinyl siding is available in a wide range of decorative colours to blend with existing features of your home. We are also experienced in the installation of Stucco siding. We begin by protecting your premises, as well as any surrounding properties, before erecting safety scaffolding. Normally, we strap over existing surfaces and add insulation. New siding and trim of your choice is then applied by our skilled crews.


A & DS is the master of the game when it comes to providing you with the solid residential construction framing structures. We offer a variety of framing structures for different type of residential buildings, such as entry-level to estate homes, custom homes, tract homes, master-planned communities, infill projects, apartments, condos, podium projects, mixed-use, townhouses, and senior assisted living facilities.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who are well-experienced and expert in the field and know the need of making solid structures for making residential buildings. We can help you construct top class houses, hotels, villas, mansions, apartments, resorts, beach-front property and much more.

We believe in providing expert residential construction framing services and are well-versed with the construction requirements of the builders.

Disposal Services

If you don't want it in your house, at your workplace, or on your lawn, we'll get rid of it for you - quickly, efficiently, and with no hassle.

We offer services that let you rent a dumpster to use or hire an entire crew to take care of all the grunt work of garbage removal for you.

Keeping abreast of new and innovative strategies by utilizing modern equipment, creative & knowledgeable people and environmentally responsible methods of material handling and disposal ensures that opportunities to recycle or reuse are our primary focus.

Our commitment is invested in responsible handling of wood waste, paper products, cardboard and scrap, which are separated and diverted for recycling. Clean fill including concrete, brick & block, dirt & sod are also kept separate for reuse.


Our services include water damage repairs, mould detection and mold removal, smoke and fire damage restoration, disaster recovery, air quality testing, air duct cleaning, as well as professional home renovations. Our services are aimed at providing you, your family and co-workers with a safe environment and optimal air quality conditions.

Fire Proofing

The threat of a fire in a home or any building is one of the biggest concerns for building owners. One of the best defenses in preventing the ignition or spread of a fire is to fireproof your building. A building can be fireproofed either in the building phase or in the renovation phase. Fireproofing increases security for the structure, reduces liability and provides superior air-tight thermal protection.

A & DS uses the Spray-on Fireproofing method. This technique involves the spraying of various products onto construction materials in order to improve their resistance to fire while decreasing their chances of weakening, burning or melting under extreme heat. These fireproofing materials can be applied directly to steel beams, roof and floor assemblies, columns, concrete services, and joists in both industrial and commercial environments. The amount of spray-on fireproofing needed will depend on the weight, size and type of structure to which it will be applied.


Today, with such a wide range of attractive paving products to choose from, your driveway can become a major feature of your home, admired by neighbours and passersby. We are careful to protect your surrounding landscape. Finally, we remove all excess fill and debris.A traditional easy-to-maintain asphalt driveway is durable, practical and reasonable in cost.

Stamped concrete pavers make a long-lasting and attractive driveway surface that resembles stone or a variety of other materials.

We employed the latest Uni-lock paving stones. The driveway matches the existing stonework at the front of the home.