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environmental sustainability

Focused on the natural and built environment, A & DS provides clients cost-effective, sustainable solutions that improve business without jeopardizing future generations. A & DS sustainable solutions leverage our experience in six key resource areas:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Land
  • Energy
  • Materials
  • Ecosystem

From planning and design through implementation and verification, A & DS provides bottom-line benefits to all concerned:

Environmental:- minimize impact to the environment

Economical:- improve long-term profitability and achieve greater efficiency

Societal: meet the needs of the client and the public in today’s energy- and carbon-constrained world

Air: improving the air we breathe

A & DS recognizes the impact of man’s activities on our climate and the air we breathe, and has brought innovation to air-quality improvement for more than three decades. Our methods apply science and technology to achieve balance between improvements gained and costs expended.

Water: ensuring the availability of clean water for today and tomorrow

Today there is improved understanding of how daily activities adversely impact water quantity and quality. A & DS takes a holistic approach to water management, recognizing interconnections and dependencies among all water sources. We address engineering, public policy, and economic aspects of water management to ensure safe, reliable supply of this precious resource for future generations.

Land: planning with a long-term view

A & DS embraces thoughtful use of land resources, balancing economics of growth with environmental impact. Believing development need not occur at the expense of sustainability, A & DS designs for “smart growth”. As a leader in land reuse and a developer of award-winning brownfield projects, we embody the philosophy that beneficial land use can evolve over time.

Energy: achieving reliability, security, and economy in energy use

Energy is critical for economic health, national security, and quality of life. Since energy is expended when converted and when transmitted, sustainable energy management seeks to optimize energy spent during conversion and transmission. A & DS experience with alternative technologies, fuel sources, and distributed generation has resulted in reduced energy usage and lowered client costs.

Materials: minimizing the impact of waste through life cycle management

A & DS concentrates on ways to minimize waste through reclamation and reuse opportunities. This reduces environmental impact of raw material extraction and used material disposal. Our experience in materials testing and life cycle management empower us to identify methods for extending the value of a material through waste minimization, recycling, or re-purposing.

Ecosystem: restoring the health of critical habitats

Ecological systems are a balance of interactions that are sometimes disturbed by human activity. A & DS is mindful of the benefits of a healthy ecosystem; improved water quality, land stability, wildlife diversity and recreational opportunity. We have a long, successful project history of protecting and restoring sensitive natural habitats.